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What is Zebravo Refurbished?

We carry a select assortment of refurbished electronics such as cell phones, tablets, or laptops and are offering these products on Zebravo.co.uk. Zebravo Refurbished means the product has been inspected by a professional refurbishing company, graded for condition and quality, and certified to be in 100% working condition. At Zebravo we will only sell refurbished items that meet an "A" grade or "near mint" condition. An "A" grade refurbished product can be expected to have some signs of usage or wear but otherwise will be considered in excellent condition.

How will I know if a product found on Zebravo is refurbished ?

The majority of the products we sell on Zebravo will be brand new but we have a small section of refurbished electronics to offer a great value to our shoppers and they will all be located in the Zebravo Refurbished section of a particular category. Also you will notice the word "refurbished" is in the product title, "refurbished" will be found in the description of the product, and all photos of the product will have the below "Zebravo Refurbished" badge to indicate it is a refurbished product and not a new one.

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How do I know a refurbished cell phone will work in my country ?

We are careful to select cell phones that have the correct African cell bands which are GSM900 and 3G 2100. Also we ensure that phones are unlocked and have a clean ESN number so you can activate them in your country. If there is an issue with activation or with a refurbished product then see below for our Zebravo Refurbished refund policy.

Zebravo Refurbished Refund Policy

Unlike our new products we do offer a post-pickup refund policy to ensure you did not receive a refurbished product which does not meet our standards. Please see our complete full refund policy here

We will accept a Zebravo Refurbished item within 15 days AFTER pickup for the below reasons. Please contact help@Zebravo.co.uk immediately for more assistance.
- You cannot activate the device in your country
- The device is not 100% functional

The below reasons are NOT acceptable reasons for a refund
- The condition of the product is less than you expected
- Any other reason besides the product not working properly

Shop Zebravo Refurbished Products Now!